Dear Bettie:

Full confession: I’m a do-it-yourselfer. A digital native, I rely heavily on readily-available, at-my-fingertips Internet information. I frequently learn from YouTube. I’m firmly footed in the attitude of “if I can’t find it on Google search, it’s not worth knowing.”

That being said, I’m frustrated. I own a healthcare tech start up. I have been pitching to investors, prospective clients and scholarship-based programs. I’ve followed the advice of Shark Tank gurus; attended 1 Million Cups and watched numerous TedX talks on writing, preparing and delivering a pitch. To date, I’ve not received any traction.

I trust my gut and I know I have a viable product. Is it me? What’s happening? Why can’t I get my innovation off the ground?

Pursuing Learning Possibilities Beyond the Internet

Dear Pursuing Learning Possibilities Beyond the Internet

Online Learning

You are not alone. E-learning – whether formal or informal – has many benefits. It’s on demand learning based upon your schedule. You discern what is relevant and what is not. You can absorb multiple perspectives on almost any topic.

However….when questions arise, there’s no one to answer them for you. The do-it-yourself learner like yourself misses out on concepts in context. While you have volumes of content to choose from, you miss experiential learning. You miss guidance on implementing and executing the concepts you learn.

In-Person Workshop Learning

On the other hand, in-person learning has it’s drawbacks as well. Research shows that people will forget – on average – up to 40 percent of what they learned in a one-time information session within a day of learning it; 60 percent in 6 days; and between 80 and 90 percent within 30 days.

With in-person learning, once the session is over, it’s over. There’s no follow-up or opportunity for continuous learning.

Blended Learning

The trend today is to adopt a blended learning approach to knowledge and skill acquisition. Facilitator-led training, blended with online learning, mastermind conference calls and/or peer-to-peer group learning closes the loop from learning in isolation to learning with feedback and follow-up.

From what you’ve told me, you’ve gathered lots of information about your pitch, but you are not having success with the execution of the information. Sounds like it’s time to add some in-person coaching for feedback. Having a professional help you work through your pitch, show you how you may be missing the mark with your audience and offer ways to improve what your doing just might be your ticket to:

  • Getting others to invest in your business
  • Connecting with others who can see your vision
  • Moving your innovations from start-up to growth

Here’s to a blended approach of lifelong online and offline learning.
Bettie Boomer