Humming BirdEncore entrepreneurs, sit tall. You are about to learn large lessons from tiny hummingbirds. Acting on pure instinct, unlike many of us who second-guess our what’s next moves, hummingbirds:

► Soar with speed and agility.

► Stop mid-flight and reverse course in a manner that astounds the best aeronautical engineers.

► Remember every flower and every feeder year after year, both at home and along a migration path.

►  And measuring less than the weight of a penny, hummingbirds fiercely stand their ground when their boundaries are crossed.

Certainly if a tiny little creature can do all that, so, too can those of us who have experienced the spring and summer chapters of our lives.

Entrepreneurs by definition are problem-solvers. We begin journeys without a road map, without a manual – making decisions along the way that often are as instinctual as a hovering hummingbird. Yet, with all the magical, visionary leadership that motivates us, often we doubt ourselves or set the pause button longer than need be.

So, if any of you readers find yourself stuck, remember the lessons of tiny birds for the fortitude to move forward. And, let the pilot’s mantra serve as your guidebook toward new levels of discovery.


Keep your vision and goals pointed upward, without finding your head stuck in the clouds. Before taking flight, set benchmarks (90-days according to the most recent brain research) as guideposts for your journey. While you cannot control the twists and turns of life, you can take charge of steps along the way with a plan that allows for adjustments and the ability to capitalize on opportunities that occur.


Once you’ve set your plan in motion, you can maintain control of your adventures by keeping in mind where you are and where you intend to go. Ways to navigate encore careers include:

► Take courses to stay current with technology and business trends.

► Understand  business stages and profit models.

► Surround  yourself with mentors and friends who know more than you know.

► When in doubt, ask questions or hire experts.


This, in my opinion, is the most important part of your manual for success: clear, concise communication. It sounds so simple; yet communicating isn’t always easy. In building relationships professionally and personally, first let others know what you are doing and what you need. Reaching out to others with a call to action (not a yes or no question, but a true request for action) often defines the difference between reaching your goals or falling short.

Tell EnCorps45 what resources you want and need to soar in your life. In the comment section below, let us know how we can give you the tools to aviate, navigate and communicate your journey as a 45 plus professional.