In today’s global economy, teachers, career coaches and CEOs agree that the ability to collaborate defines a competitive edge.

Aspen Institute’s Aspen Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy Group considers collaboration an essential skill for entrepreneurs. In a knowledge economy, the Institute considers collaboration a “success-oriented attitude” equal to:

Intelligent risk taking and
Opportunity recognition.

From its Latin origin quom, the prefix co means with, together, mutually or in common.

Media company Column Five and software company PGi developed this infographic to further illustrate the benefits of the collaborative work environment.

Bill Gates, thought by many to be the lone genius behind Microsoft success, says that creativity is less of an individual characteristic than it is an “emergent property” that surfaces when people convene around a problem.

According to the Kansas City Coworking Alliance (KCCA), spaces such as the soon-to-open iWerx facility in North Kansas City provide the perfect venue for collective business problem-solving.

“COWORKING IS A GLOBAL MOVEMENT to create innovative, collaborative and community-driven workspaces that move beyond traditional work environments.” – KCCA

Collaborating in a Global Technology Environment

In defining a collaborative culture, entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations will enter The Age of Co by:

  • Bringing together distinct competitors/rivals in the effort to create new opportunities and strategic alliances,
  • Generating innovation with participation of more than one company – locally, regionally or internationally,
  • Evaluating the advantages and drawbacks of expansion within a company versus aligning with similar companies to broaden products or services for the similar markets, and
  • Sharing operational and functional resources.

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