Perception Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Dear Bettie:

My last visit to the grocery store left me sad and concerned for my parents. I was taken aback by the number of elderly people working there.

I’m nearly 30 and work in the healthcare field. Upon the advice of my mom, I’ve already begun planning for my future. I am saving, paying down my college debt and have begun […]

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Why Fuss Over Millennial Behavior

July 2017

Dear Bettie:

I’m in my 30s. I work for a technology company in the Midwest. I’m intrigued by all the research that is being done on my generation.

Why is it so important to understand our buying habits, what makes us tick and the reasons behind our quest for work-life balance?

It seems as if every other generation thinks Millennials are aliens […]

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Reflecting on Positive Living

June 2017

Dear Readers:

The first Bettie Boomer column was published fall of 2015. Each month I delve into the commonalities, the differences and the ways to bridge Millennials, Gen X, Boomers and Traditionalists. Truly, it’s been a thrill.

I’ve learned that while our lives experiences vary, we share common goals: recognize, reward and engage.

  • We all want to be recognized as individuals […]
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What’s Up With New Grads Looking For No or Low Paying Jobs

Dear Bettie:

I’m founder and hiring manager at a tech startup company. We are looking for talented college graduates interested in making a difference. Strangely enough, while most workers in our industry are recently graduated young adults, I am not. I started this company with my two 30-something children and am charged with growing our staff by recruiting and hiring talented IT […]

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Addressing the Expectation Elephant

April 2017

Dear Bettie:

I could be a Millennial, a Gen Xer or a Boomer. What I’m experiencing day in and day out is a challenge among all generations. Each believes its way of doing things is the only way.

Millennials expect fast, easy-to-access technology, open communication, supervisor feedback, inclusion and a flexible work environment.

Gen […]

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