Policy Making and Entrepreneurism: Navigating A Sea of Red Tape

Recently I heard a corporate executive express optimism about the future of American politics because “nearly 18 percent of the candidates running for office are entrepreneurs.” He stated that: “With more entrepreneurs running, maybe we’ll get some problems solved.”

Intrigued by the perception that entrepreneurs are problem solvers, I wondered:

  • What are the […]
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Habits of Wealthy, Successful People

Why do the rich find success year after year? It’s not because they are lucky. It’s not because they were born into money. And, it’s not because they won the lottery.

According to Entrepreneur.com, the rich keep getting richer because they simply do things differently. They have five habits that helped them get […]

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Everyone Communicates – Few Connect


In his June 2011 blog post “Vision, Connection and Direction: The Pathway to Effective Communication,” leadership expert John C. Maxwell describes how Pope John Paul II played a leading role in toppling communism in Europe through effective communication. Maxwell wrote: “The vision, connection and direction he (the Pope) conveyed to people in […]

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I Know A Good Pitch When I See It

Guest Blog By: Greta Perel, Ph.D.

I just wish I saw more of them.

Everyone already knows: pitching is ugly. We’ve all sat through the cringe-worthy, head-scratching, Powerpoint-reading pitch that didn’t cut the muster.


Why then is a good pitch so hard to find? How’d we get to this point?
It’s not as though there’s a shortage […]

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