5 Ways To Clarify Your Life Vision

Vision for What's NextYears ago, I coached gymnastics. After a tough practice or competition gone wrong, I’d ask my gymnast: “What did you really want from today?” Inevitably, I would get a confused stare, shrugged shoulders and a timid uttering: “I don’t know.”

Here’s what I came to believe about “I don’t know.” […]

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How to Assess Your Life Fitness?

Fit LifestyleOften the word fitness is used solely to describe physical well being. This month, however, EnCorps45 explores a broader sense of fitness as it applies to all the aspects of your life.

The word “fit” as an adjective defined by google is: “of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet […]

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Can Technology Keep Up With Boomers?

Rocking Chair LaptopMy first television was a black and white console. I had to get up from the couch to turn the channel.

In college, I waited in line each Sunday to make my weekly long distance call to check in with my parents. I was allowed 10 minutes for two reasons – […]

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Been There. Done That. Now What?

Old Life New LifeThe EnCorps45 Monday morning leadership meetings often begin politely with: “So how was your weekend?”

This week, I began thinking since the kids live out of town, and I no longer attend high school football games or Mom’s weekends at college, how do I want to spend my non-working hours?

With rising longevity rates, experts suggest that […]

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