Intentionally Building Your Infrastructure to Overcome Business Obstacles

Regardless of your industry, entrepreneurs and small business owners face common challenges. According to the August 2018 report on Small Business Economic Trends, the top 10 challenges are:

► Healthcare
► Government regulations
► Federal Income Taxes
► The economy
► Tax compliance
► Cash flow
► Staying passionate
► Client diversification
► Scaling without sacrificing quality
► Hiring new employees

Impact of […]

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Business Pivots As A Path To Growth

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At a recent Northland Coffee Connect, Dave Palmstein, Managing Director of the Northland Angel Investors Network, spoke about the need for start-ups to show proof of business. In other words, can you prove buyers will purchase your product or service?

What […]

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Smaller Is Smarter: Three Ways To Rightsize Your Business

For many Boomers, downsizing equates to job loss, layoffs. Rightsizing translates to squeezing into a single-level, garden home.

Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, look at streamlining as opportunity, innovation and creativity.

With nearly 400,000 small business start ups each year, creating more than 60 percent of all new jobs in America, lean businesses tend […]

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Know Your Audience

September 2017

Dear Bettie:

During a recent presentation to my supervisor (the Dean) and me (Research Project Manager), software sales people began the meeting by defining data for us.  Perhaps they didn’t know they were meeting with seasoned research professionals!

They used several terms which certainly did not resonate within a clinical research environment. I was almost embarrassed for them.

Following our meeting, I […]

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