Just Do It SignWhat if there are no magic bullets toward success?

What if all the business plans, marketing plans and financial plans were just distractions from good old hard work toward wealth?

What if Nike had it right and all you needed for personal nirvana was to Just Do It!

This month we explore how to break through the barriers that hold us back:
♦ from reaching goals,
♦ from achieving success,
♦ from doing what we have always wanted to do!

Below are my personal thoughts about “getting it done!” These are a combination of my personal lessons and the lessons clients have taught me through my 30-plus years as a marketing and business consultant.

Let me be clear. Plans are important. A commitment to and a process for executing plans are important. Many times, however, just setting your mind to do it can be the most compelling force to break the barriers that prevent you from living the life you dream. The caveat here is that:

  • Just Doing It is hard work.
  • Just Doing It takes time, perseverance and an unwavering eye on the goal.

Here are a few suggestions for executing the Just Do It method toward success.

Tell The Story

Recently I met a women who knows a lot about self-defense. She is passionate about teaching women how to use non-lethal safety techniques. She told me all about her products. Yet, none of the products’ features and benefits were as compelling as her story. The reason she is the expert … the reason she wants to teach others how to prepare to prevent an attack is because she wasn’t prepared to prevent her attacker from assaulting her. After three years in the business, she had never told her story when engaging with customers and prospects.

In a clear, concise way, tell your story before selling your services. How and why you do what you do is compelling and will touch the prospects who share similar wants and needs.

Celebrate No

Your market does not include everyone. It only includes everyone who has a need that your product or service meets. Learn about who you serve by digging deep to understand what your clients/customers are afraid of not knowing enough about. Know the steps they often miss in trying to reach their goals. Provide the answers with your products and services. Provide the answers to those whom you serve, not to everyone.

When someone says NO to what you do, learn from them. You will be more productive and more profitable by spending time working with those whom you serve rather than those whom you think you might be able to help, but who have no interest in what you offer.

See and Be Seen

Whether it’s online, in person or a combination of both, networking matters. This is the hard work. It’s not rocket science, but networking is time consuming. And, meeting people is just the beginning. Basic follow up communication – phone calls, emails and maybe additional meetings – is how to seal the deal. Businesses grow as you grow and strengthen relationships within your circle of influence, your customer base and your referral network.

Rinse and Repeat

Each December when I evaluate my year, I ask myself: “What went right?” There are times that I have developed a procedure that worked so well, I forget to do it again! I’ll bet you have experienced the same.

While it is important to stop doing the things that distract you from your goals or that don’t yield results, it is equally important to repeat what works. So, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it works, repeat, repeat, repeat!

Now it’s your turn. What are your tips for success by just doing it? Let us know in the comment section below or start a conversation in our Facebook community.