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Growing Them-Centric Businesses

Tom, a champion of the knock-on-the-door and leave a brochure cold calling sales method, understands that his formerly fruitful sales tactics don't work in 2017. ✔  He's willing to exchange his brochure for video. ✔  He's adopted digital and online marketing. ✔  He's embraced change. At a recent meeting, Tom told me he's making videos to send to his new LinkedIn [...]

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Everyone Communicates – Few Connect

  In his June 2011 blog post “Vision, Connection and Direction: The Pathway to Effective Communication,” leadership expert John C. Maxwell describes how Pope John Paul II played a leading role in toppling communism in Europe through effective communication. Maxwell wrote: “The vision, connection and direction he (the Pope) conveyed to people in his homeland as they struggled against a [...]

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I Know A Good Pitch When I See It

Guest Blog By: Greta Perel, Ph.D. I just wish I saw more of them. Everyone already knows: pitching is ugly. We've all sat through the cringe-worthy, head-scratching, Powerpoint-reading pitch that didn’t cut the muster.   Why then is a good pitch so hard to find? How’d we get to this point? It’s not as though there’s a shortage of advice about how to [...]

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What’s Next for Entrepreneurship in 2017

As champions of the What’s Next movement, it seemed befitting to begin 2017 with a forward-looking article about What’s Next for entrepreneurs. After reading numerous online articles from Inc., Forbes and Entrepreneur, experts cite the following trends as pertinent for business growth. Creating Customer Connections With the growth of Facebook, Uber and Airbnb, the past year demonstrated the power of connecting [...]

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Business Systems Put Your Goals Within Reach

Chaotic days turn into busy, yet unproductive weeks. Projects get dropped. Overwhelm sets in and high-scale business growth seems elusive. Goals often stay out of reach because entrepreneurs fail to develop the systems, processes and procedures that facilitate day-to-day operations. It doesn’t have to be that way. Business owners can achieve lofty goals when they create systems in order to achieve growth. A solid [...]

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Key to Success: Balancing a Local and Global Mindset

Last year during the holiday season I wanted some extra cash. I also wanted to get first-hand experience with retail consumers. After a few months working at Pier 1, a national retail importer, I was stunned to learn that despite a robust system to collect customer buying habits, all US stores (more than 1,000) receive the same merchandise. Based on buyer behavior [...]

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