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Business Pivots As A Path To Growth

68583909 - pivot change adapt business model rethink writing word 3d illustration At a recent Northland Coffee Connect, Dave Palmstein, Managing Director of the Northland Angel Investors Network, spoke about the need for start-ups to show proof of business. In other words, can you prove buyers will purchase your product or service? What happens, however, when after years [...]

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Smaller Is Smarter: Three Ways To Rightsize Your Business

For many Boomers, downsizing equates to job loss, layoffs. Rightsizing translates to squeezing into a single-level, garden home. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, look at streamlining as opportunity, innovation and creativity. With nearly 400,000 small business start ups each year, creating more than 60 percent of all new jobs in America, lean businesses tend to be agile and innovative, so [...]

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Know Your Audience

September 2017 Dear Bettie: During a recent presentation to my supervisor (the Dean) and me (Research Project Manager), software sales people began the meeting by defining data for us.  Perhaps they didn’t know they were meeting with seasoned research professionals! They used several terms which certainly did not resonate within a clinical research environment. I was almost embarrassed for them. [...]

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Five Ways Small Business Can Emulate Big Business

Each year I make an effort to learn from big business acquisitions. When Facebook bought Instagram, I coached clients to prepare for more visual communication. When Microsoft bought LinkedIn, I focused on the importance of developing leads online. Now I’m intrigued by the  Amazon-Whole Foods mega-merger. On the surface, most entrepreneurs can’t relate to a $13.7 billion buy-out. Yet, when [...]

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Habits of Wealthy, Successful People

Why do the rich find success year after year? It's not because they are lucky. It's not because they were born into money. And, it's not because they won the lottery. According to, the rich keep getting richer because they simply do things differently. They have five habits that helped them get rich. They take risks Successful people take [...]

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Beyond Know, Like and Trust

Do you ever go to a networking event, or even while standing in the grocery story line and have someone tell you how familiar you look? Or do they tell you they are sure they know you from somewhere? Years ago when this happened to me, I strained to remember a name. Where could I have met this person who [...]

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