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Policy Making and Entrepreneurism: Navigating A Sea of Red Tape

Recently I heard a corporate executive express optimism about the future of American politics because “nearly 18 percent of the candidates running for office are entrepreneurs.” He stated that: “With more entrepreneurs running, maybe we’ll get some problems solved.” Intrigued by the perception that entrepreneurs are problem solvers, I wondered: What are the unique skills entrepreneurs bring that promote problem-solving? [...]

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Intentionally Building Your Infrastructure to Overcome Business Obstacles

Regardless of your industry, entrepreneurs and small business owners face common challenges. According to the August 2018 report on Small Business Economic Trends, the top 10 challenges are: ► Healthcare ► Government regulations ► Federal Income Taxes ► The economy ► Tax compliance ► Cash flow ► Staying passionate ► Client diversification ► Scaling without sacrificing quality ► Hiring new [...]

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Five Emerging Trends That May Disrupt Business As Usual

As business owners, it is incumbent upon us to keep an eye on today and anticipate tomorrow. We must manage the here-and-now as well as manage the future. Here's a look at emerging trends to keep an eye on for business growth. Gen Z Matters More than Millennials Today, the oldest Gen Zers (born 1998 and after) are 22 years old. They [...]

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Reviving “Made In America” Through Entrepreneurial Makerspaces

America is the land of opportunity -  the home of makers, builders and doers. Once the economic engine fueled by the Industrial Revolution, today’s manufacturing is charged by tinkerers and problem solvers who intersect: ♦ Technology and innovation ♦ Sustainability ♦ Handcrafted goods ♦ Social enterprises ♦ Philanthropy ♦ Alternative funding such as crowd source funding In a nod to [...]

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Seeking Innovative Growth?
Scout Out Uncommon Relationships Like Chewing Gum and Smartphones

By definition, advancing business requires change. If growth is your goal, how do you move business forward? Which mindset do you embrace? - Status quo? - Copy the innovators? - Innovator? - Trendsetter? According to Phil Simon, writer for, companies that fail to understand and quickly adopt emerging technologies will become obsolete. Furthermore, he says, “It has never been [...]

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Entrepreneurism: Its Place In Economic Growth

When the Kansas City Area Development Council (KCADC) cultivated relationships to win the Amazon HQ2 project, community leaders, including Kansas City Missouri Mayor Sly James, stated the region's real value as "the collaborative spirit" in which two states (Kansas and Missouri), 18 counties and more than 50 communities worked together. Efforts toward making Kansas City America's most entrepreneurial city Despite the [...]

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