What’s Up With New Grads Looking For No or Low Paying Jobs

Dear Bettie:

I’m founder and hiring manager at a tech startup company. We are looking for talented college graduates interested in making a difference. Strangely enough, while most workers in our industry are recently graduated young adults, I am not. I started this company with my two 30-something children and am charged with growing our staff by recruiting and hiring talented IT […]

2018-03-16T11:08:52-05:00May 5th, 2017|Multigenerational Workforce|

Beyond Know, Like and Trust

Do you ever go to a networking event, or even while standing in the grocery story line and have someone tell you how familiar you look? Or do they tell you they are sure they know you from somewhere?

Years ago when this happened to me, I strained to remember a name. Where […]

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