Growing Them-Centric Businesses

Tom, a champion of the knock-on-the-door and leave a brochure cold calling sales method, understands that his formerly fruitful sales tactics don’t work in 2017.

 He’s willing to exchange his brochure for video.
✔  He’s adopted digital and online marketing.
✔  He’s embraced change.

At a recent meeting, Tom told me he’s making videos to send […]

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Addressing the Expectation Elephant

April 2017

Dear Bettie:

I could be a Millennial, a Gen Xer or a Boomer. What I’m experiencing day in and day out is a challenge among all generations. Each believes its way of doing things is the only way.

Millennials expect fast, easy-to-access technology, open communication, supervisor feedback, inclusion and a flexible work environment.

Gen […]

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