‘Tis the Season To Graduate and Commence

The End Is Where It BeginsAs summer approaches, I’ve been thinking about families celebrating all types of graduation – children finishing preschool, grade school, high school or even college.

It occurred to me that each year people experience the closing of one door and the opening of another; a graduation (celebratory end) from […]

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Been There. Done That. Now What?

Old Life New LifeThe EnCorps45 Monday morning leadership meetings often begin politely with: “So how was your weekend?”

This week, I began thinking since the kids live out of town, and I no longer attend high school football games or Mom’s weekends at college, how do I want to spend my non-working hours?

With rising longevity rates, experts suggest that […]

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To Every Business There Are Four Seasons

Business Cycle SpreadsheetIt’s not uncommon at the start of a new project, for me to ask, “Can you tell me a little bit about your business seasons?” From the stares and wrinkled brows I get in response, you’d think I was speaking Latin!

And yet, it’s easy to interpret your business seasons. […]

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What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

Now that I have passed the half-century mark, it occurs to me that “when I grow up” is a journey, not a destination. At varying points in my life, reflection, redirection and redefining have taken place. My personal and professional life — and I presume your lives as well — seems to stretch […]

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