Dr. Seuss Offers Inspiration for Volunteerism

Dr.SeussThis week we celebrate the 111th birthday of Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel). Best known for children’s books, Dr. Seuss’ writing produced inspirational and loveable quotes that people still relate to today. Whether you consider yourself continuing your journey, beginning your 2nd chapter or simply contemplating What’s Next, quotes from childhood can […]

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Ask Not Which Cause Needs You; Ask Which Cause Compels You

Volunteer CakeThe last study completed on Kansas City nonprofits reports there are more than 7,500 nonprofits in the Greater Kansas City area working to improve people’s lives.

These community service organizations meet their missions through the valued contributions of time, talent and treasure by hundreds of volunteers. People like you and me.

The […]

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Are You a Joiner or a Loner

Joiner or LonerI’ve always thought of myself as a social person. In high school and college I joined everything. So of course if you should ask am I a joiner or a loner, I’d roar, “I’m a joiner!”

So, what happened between college and empty nest? I was so busy being super mom […]

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